Dearest friends,

Sorry for the lack of quality updates recently…we have had a lot going on…but we wanted to make sure that you all know that our newest posts and updates will be found at the site for our book: DollarADayBook.com

In addition to our most recent happenings, you will find lesson plans, quizzes, recipes and more at the new site, like Kerri’s most recent cooking experiment with Teese brand vegan cheese!

So from now on, we’ll catch up with you at the new site!


Christopher & Kerri


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5 responses to “WE HAVE MOVED!

  1. looking forward to seeing the Teese brand cheese experiment! lol

  2. I just ordered your book after watching the video of you all on your website. I am going to review the book on my blog.


  3. Hi there,

    Thank you for this experiment and for helping to expose so many of the problems with our current food system. A friend forwarded me your link after I posted on my own blog that I will begin a 365 day experiment to see if one can eat fresh, real, organic food on the food budget of minimum wage (12.6% of NYC’s minimum wage). Your blog is inspiring me as I get closer to starting that experiment (august) and I will definitely be looking to your recipes and posts for motivation to get through.

  4. As long as your back now that’s all that matters. loving Kerri’s most recent cooking experiment.

  5. Very informative post, I’ll share this with my students. Thanks for coming back.

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