Valentine’s Special in Today’s San Diego Union-Tribune!

Christopher Greenslate and Kerri Leonard expanded the concept of their blog for their book, “On a Dollar a Day,” to include information about the food industry. Photo by Sean M. Haffey of The San Diego Union-Tribune.

While Kerri and I are getting ready for a party with friends and family to celebrate the release of the book, please read this article by Tanya Mannes which was printed in Saturday’s San Diego Union-Tribune. Enjoy…and maybe later we’ll post a video from the party…maybe…

– Christopher



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2 responses to “Valentine’s Special in Today’s San Diego Union-Tribune!

  1. Devin Leonard

    Sweet! I just decided to eat on $0.60 a day for lent, but realized that a dollar was MUCH more doable. Then I found this site/book…stoked!

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