Jamie Oliver’s Wish is Our Wish.

Today we’d like to share with you a TED talk from the chef Jamie Oliver, in addition to sharing our publisher, he also shares part of our vision. Enjoy.

– Christopher


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4 responses to “Jamie Oliver’s Wish is Our Wish.

  1. If you feel inspired by Jamie’s campaign, he has created an online petition, promoting healthy food for children, that he will present to the White House. You can find the petition here:
    http://www.jamiesfoodrevolution.com/petition. Pass it along!

  2. Thank you for this link! I was not aware of TED, and knew only vaguely about Jamie Oliver’s mission to revamp our food choices and production system. I will check out the TED website and Jamie’s advocacy for a healthy and sustainable food supply (and here I always thought he was just another pretty face!) At the end of this video I thought, given his passion, maybe he will lose his fondness for milk at some point, too…

  3. Chris Mason

    Hello Christopher,

    How are you and how are you doing these last 9 months or so…..after purusing your site for a few minutes I believe I know the answer! I have been doing fine, the school year has gone quite nicely owing in large part to the work we all did at the Ahimsa Center at Cal Poly Pomona. I hope this finds you well and hope to hear from you at some point. Give my best to Kerri.


  4. Chris!

    Things are well. Thanks for checking in…

    Good to hear from you!

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