“Stamp Out Hunger” Today!


Calling all humans. If you’re a terrestrial being that is spending today in the United States, I’m calling on you to go to your kitchen right now and pick out a couple of canned food items, put them in a small sack and place them in your mailbox. Do it right now, before your mail carrier delivers your next batch of junk mail. Do so because today is the 17th annual National Association of Letter Carriers “Stamp Out Hunger” day; the largest one day national food drive. This is a small gesture that you (most likely) have the ability to take part in. So do it.

Now, I know the “Star Trek” folks out there, whether they’re Romulans, Orions, or Vulcans will probably want to include their favorite foods on this day to help others see the value of their cultures since they’ve been included in the latest film, but please let’s stick to the foods that humans will actually want to eat. Please Klingons, especially you, I know you are probably upset for not being a part of J.J. Abrams’ latest installment to the “Star Trek” franchise, but no cans of worms. Put your hostility aside for one day, and place a can of tomatoes or canned fruit in your mailbox.

Today’s drive, always the second Saturday in May, will happen in 10,000 cities in all 50 states and the food that is collected will be distributed within each respective community. While Kerri and I are nearing the end of our next experiment, which is connected to this issue of food assistance in the U.S., we looked in our cupboards (which are looking pretty bare) and found the two cans that we could part with. We’re running low on funds, and are hoping to make it to the end of this experiment, but we had to do something to help, even on our limited budget. If we weren’t doing this latest experiment would could have given more, but hopefully you’ll make up for our shortcomings. Right now. Do it. STOP reading this post and put some cans in your mailbox.

Last year 73.1 million pounds of food were collected, and now more than ever we need to participate as the number of people who need assistance is on the rise. More people are looking to the government for help during the recession, which is why the cost of these programs has increased, and for all their trying to increase sales, restaurants who are giving out free food aren’t going to help a substantial number of people. For those of you looking for free food, you’ll probably benefit from the “chicken” wars between El Pollo Loco and Kentucky Fried Chicken. However, our hope is that you’ll stay home and prepare a low-cost healthy meal instead. When we had finished the dollar a day challenge, Oprah’s people called us to see if we would come on the show. We were very excited. Oprah is a smart and powerful woman, and when she talks, people listen, which is why we’re with Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness when he calls her out. Oprah, we’d also like you to re-think your recommendation of KFC.

Lastly, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the city of Columbus, Ohio is studying the possibility of a “food recycling” program. Curbside composting could be a great way to both reduce waste, and create soil for local farms and landscaping. Apparently Seattle, and some cities here in California already have a weekly pick-up program for food scraps.

Again, if you haven’t done so, go put some food out for pick-up!

– Christopher



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3 responses to ““Stamp Out Hunger” Today!

  1. goingagainstthegrain

    I donate food frequently to the Community Resource Center in Encinitas, sometimes making a shopping trip just for my donation. I’ve participated in several food pantry drives for CRC over the years and have noted the high volume of relatively nutrient-depleted and protein-deficient donations – canned corn, processed cereals, crackers, etc. These are not foods that nourish a body, though they may stave off hunger temporarily. I understand CRCs need for not only non-perishable foods and unbreakable packaging for logistical purposes, too.

    So my donation choices are always things I have rarely seen donated in much quantity during food drives, foods dense in nutrients (without the need to enrich, fortify, or otherwise make up for nutrients lost in processing) and high in protein and healthy omega 3 fats that most people don’t get enough of (I try to steer clear of high omega 6 FA, as everyone gets too much of those already, esp those on marginal diets). Starchy foods might quell the appetite (for a while) and provide energy but they rarely feed the nutrient starvation at the cellular level, nor do starches contribute to structure and repair in the body – only natural (not industrially processed) fats and high quality proteins (all the amino acids in appropriate ratios) are structural nutrients.

    My choices are usually canned wild caught salmon with the bones; tins of sardines & herring in either water, their own juices or olive oil (sometimes in mustard or tomato sauce but only if soy/corn/vegetable oil is not included); canned or pouch light tuna in water; almond butter (good source of calcium, too); and plastic bottles of EV olive oil (of course, I prefer glass for oils, but the breakability and weight is an issue for the food pantry and CRC’s clients). I serve canned fish to my family, too, as an economical and convenient way to get enough omega 3 FA (that doesn’t have to be converted in the body), high quality protein, and bioavailable minerals.

  2. goingagainstthegrain

    Oh, just re-read your post. Love Sean Croxton! He’s a really dynamic guy and has a great radio show. Sean’s right to take on Oprah, and most jsut for her endorsement of KFC; Oprah’s a smart, powerful woman, but people really pay just too much attention to her “wisdom”, which is often incredibly misinformed. I wouldn’t take nutrition or diet advice from Oprah or any of her inner circle of “experts”. She and her circle are blinded by “expert group-think”, which is why she’s suffering from lack of appropriate treatment for her thyroid condition and chronic weight instability.

    IMO, Oprah would find the majority of her health and weight problems would diminish significantly if she’d adopt a whole food paleo-oriented diet, though she may have done too much damage to endocrine system over the years with unfermented soy, unfermented grains, low fat/high omega 6 FA/calorie restriction diets and chronic cardio exercise, to recover from a paleo diet alone. But her expert advisors are too brain-washed to consider advising her to eat as humans did as they evolved (far longer than the mere 10,000 years or so that humans have been farming).

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