Book coming on Hyperion.


Earlier this week, we agreed to a book deal with Hyperion.

We’re very excited to be working with Hyperion, and look forward to getting down to the writing right away.

As a result of this growth, our plans and new projects are evolving. We’ll share what we can along the way, but please keep checking back as we continue to move forward. As of now, the book should be out in January 2010. Our editor has given us the go ahead to share this with our readers, and we look forward to hearing from you!

In the interim, if you’re looking for some engaging reading material, there’s a great article in the new issue of Mother Jones magazine. The cover feature “Let’s Grow America: Want to Fix the Country? Fix Food.” has some great articles within it, including one by Paul Roberts titled, “Spoiled: Organic and Local is So 2008” which shows why a migration to fringe food solutions, while good, won’t be the cure all for the problems with the American food system.

There was also an article last week in the New York Times titled “Eating Well on a Downsized Food Budget” that validated much of what we learned while eating on a dollar a day, so check it out, it’s a quick read.

– Christopher



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10 responses to “Book coming on Hyperion.

  1. That’s great that your efforts are finally paying off, keep us updated on book releases and such!

  2. Looking forward to this. I know this is gonna be great..

  3. Im looking forward to this..
    I know this will be great..


  4. Congratulations on the book deal! Exciting news.

  5. Wonderful…enjoy the ride!

  6. I read about your upcoming publication on Publishers Weekly’s site this morning. To my loss I hadn’t heard of your experiment before now. After going back to your first day and reading through your posts, I have to tell you I’m very impressed. Congratulations on the deal with Hyperion. I hope your further experiments give you many book sales and touch many minds.

  7. Munch

    Party on Wayne!

  8. Frances

    I found your blog via an entry in Reading from day one, this is how far I’ve gotten before choosing to leave a comment. I thought I should because it’s so easy not to, when you don’t have anything negative to say. I am really proud of you guys for doing this and challenging people’s notions of food economy and social justice. Even if it just started out as a challenge because “jeez, look at how much we spend on groceries!” I can identify with the wonderment of it all and the struggle to make wiser choices. For you the struggle includes being vegan and a lot of people have been unappreciative of that because they want to know how they can eat for a dollar a day, not how you choose to. I actually came to your blog for tips as well and although I am not leaving with as many as I would’ve liked, I really appreciate the renewal I feel from your discussions. Thanks for opening the discussion on food economy instead of just being another blog on ridiculous and obsessive ways to save money. Peace.
    P.S. I was wondering if you’d come across The More With Less Cookbook in your mission to find what it takes to eat healthy for less. It’s a Mennonite staple on eating more ethically.

  9. Hi Christopher and Kerri! I’m so glad that you’re doing this one dollar diet project. The first time I finally relized that poverty is a really bad thing. congradulations!

  10. I can’t believe a book is coming on Hyperion! I’m going to be really excited!

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