As heard on NPR with Brian Lehrer.


This morning we did an interview for National Public Radio with Brian Lehrer on WNYC. You can listen to it by clicking here.

The article that I talked about concerning the cost of living in the United States versus the cost of living in a third world country can be read here. Again, most of the article is about the increase of food costs in the US, but the last line is worth investigating, “the cost for food in the U.S. per income level is the least expensive in the world.”

Additionally, yesterday’s Christian Science Monitor article was picked up today in the Chicago Sun-Times.

– Christopher & Kerri



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5 responses to “As heard on NPR with Brian Lehrer.

  1. I remember seeing this before and ran into it again today. It is photos of 300 calories of food, but with a price tag too.

  2. irsh2u

    I listened to you this morning & have been following your experiement. As a teacher, I am simply awed by the role models you have become for your students. You are showing them the power of one voice (ok, there are two of you), bringing attention to a very important issue, and practicing what you preach. In a time where many children are given things instead of an adults time, you have given them a truly great gift: inspiration. How delightful to be one of your lucky students. Your schools are fortunate to have both of you as staff memebers. I look forward to hearing about your future projects.

  3. I listened to your story today on NPR and couldn’t wait to get home and write. About 8 years ago or so I was director of a small dance camp in new england. Our budget was very tight and we relied heavily on soups, stews with lots of lentils and beans with only a small amount of meats. We ate fresh salads from local farms daily. At the end of camp we figured out that we’d spent about .75 per day per person for three meals. Noone went hungry and in fact we all ate quite well. When you can buy in bulk and cook as a group, stretch proteins across soups and starches – it’s all good. We carried that into our family life of 4 (actually had been doing it all along for financial and good eating) and found that eating fresh, local and little or no meat keeps costs down and health up. Even with two teens in the house, a few years ago, we were at 1.48 per meal – not quite a dollar a day -but eating exceptionally well (125.00 per week total grocery bill).
    Congrats on all the press you’re receiving.

  4. julie

    NPR CSM your moving up. Truely food for thought.

  5. Sue

    Martha Stewart publishes a magazine

    In Feb ’09 issue on p. 109… the following book is mentioned:

    “Food, Medicine, and the Quest for Good Health” by Nancy N. Chen (a medical anthropologist!).

    Ms. Chen says in our culture we see food and medicine as two distinct subjects and makes a case for combining the two. Ms. Chen takes readers on a journey inside ancient civilizations, illustrating the how, what, and why of food consumption and health.

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