As seen in “In Touch” Magazine


There I was, standing under the blinding florescents of Long’s Drugs. Middle-aged women walked by, shooting me concerned looks. I flipped through the pages, scanning headlines like an FBI agent scans a crime scene. O.J. is convicted. Britney’s desperate to succeed. Friends worry Madonna’s suffering from a midlife crisis. More troubles for Winona.

Feeling the anxiety that only teachers do, I pretend to be invisible just in case a student is out picking up some cold medicine for an ailing parent.

Then, on page 80… “Penny-Pinchers”

Late last week Kerri received a message on her school voice mail from a woman who said she represented a company called ‘In the News.’ Neither of us was sure who they were, or what they wanted. Then we received another message on our home answering machine from the same mysterious woman. We assumed it was some type of media contact; someone who wanted an interview with us, or something like that.

We were wrong.

It turns out that ‘In the News’ is a company that sells plaques made of newspaper and magazine clippings. The woman was calling to inform us that for $136 we could have our December 22nd appearance in In Touch magazine turned into a plaque for us to cherish for years to come. Say what?

We didn’t even know we were in the celebrity rag to begin with!

After picking up burrito’s from Rico’s taco shop, we stopped by a drug store to search for a copy of said “In Touch” weekly, and there we were, right underneath four adorable baby bats that had been rescued on the Gold Coast of Austrailia.

It was, in a word…bizarre.

– Christopher



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8 responses to “As seen in “In Touch” Magazine

  1. Wow! I would start feeling really uncomfortable right about now if I were you. In Touch Weekly? Yikes! Does it freak you guys out a bit?

  2. I’m an elementary principal so, recently, every time my name gets mentioned in the local small town newspaper those people e-mail or call! Yes. Very strange. They are relentless.

    BTW, I’m enjoying your blog and reading about your adventures in changing how we think about food.

    Thanks for sharing it all.

  3. Joanne

    Don’t you find it bothersome that your social experiment about poverty and what it costs to eat healthfully is being touted as a way to save money? It’s driving me nuts and it’s not even my project. Although maybe I should conduct a study on this whole phenomenon…


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  5. julie

    Next time ask her to make a $136 contribution to your Resource Center and interview her about her diet.

    …. celebrity rag? “No such thing as bad publicity” also who know who you will reach??

  6. I think what you guys are doing is great. I think it is neat how word is spreading. Whether it be FOX, Inside Edition, or now In Touch. Hope this is more than just 15 minutes for you two. Looking forward to the next experiment.

  7. so are you gonna get the plaque?

  8. J.

    don’t they have to tell you when they print you?

    What a rip off- you could totally make a way cooler plaque on your own!

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