The Power of Community.

Presenting the check to Community Resource Center exuctive director Laurin Pause. Photo by Lynda Holeva.

Presenting the check to Community Resource Center executive director Laurin Pause. Photo by Lynda Holeva.

A dozen tables were lined up end to end with nearly thirty volunteers on either side packing and filling boxes with food for tomorrow’s opening of the Holiday Basket Program through the Community Resource Center. Throughout the weekend, over 1200 families will be given the chance to have a dignified “shopping experience” as they make their way through a converted race-track hallway the size of a football field and pick up items that will help them make it through the holidays. With the recent economic downturn making it difficult for people to make it through the season, programs like this one, run entirely on hard to come by donations and thousands of volunteer hours, are more important than ever. Tonight we were given the opportunity to see the power of our community at work.

To put it plainly, we left the opening reception in awe of what happens when people work together to get things done for others. We’d like to once again express our gratitude to everyone who donated to our project. It was on your behalf that we donated $2,300 to the Community Resource Center this evening. When folks start to show up tomorrow to fill their baskets with a new coat, gifts for their kids, and food to put on the table, it will be possible because of people like you.

Thank you.



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  2. Betty

    Far in Spain, I’ve been reading the entire blog from the very first day these two days. Your project is amazing, You’ve given us so much to reflect on.

  3. Betty Ann

    Thank you for getting people motivated to give.

    Betty Ann

  4. Susan

    Congratulations! What a fantastic moment. Good for you both.


  5. I didn’t get in on your project to contribute but that was a great responce. A year or so ago on a local TV station they said of Phoenix that if everyone gave $5. there would be millions for charity. They still have a program called, “The Power Of Five” $5 or 5 hours to community would make a big difference. If you took your population and multiplied it by $5 you could see what the power of $5 could do. Thanks for this reminder and your efforts.

  6. That is so heartwarming, and I’m tearing up a bit.

    Again, I urge everyone to donate a few canned or boxed items to their local food pantries, and consider donating old clothes and such to goodwill instead of trying to sell them at a garage sale. And don’t forget about Toys for Tots and other toy donation programs.

  7. elizabeth

    Bravo you guys – bravo!

  8. onedollarcollege

    This is absolutely outstanding! We are proud to be a part of your generation, a generation that gives.

    We wish you continued success on your project.

  9. Kara Heiter


  10. Lynda/mom

    Dear Christopher and Kerri,
    Having attended the Community Resource Reception with you, I just wanted to let you know what an incredible opportunity it was to see so many people contributing their valuable time and energy into helping families that are struggling to make ends meet in our local community. It was a very proud moment to see the both of you, as representatives of “hunger awareness” presenting this check to the Encinitas Resource Center, knowing that the donations you have collected will help to feed so many hungry children! You two are truly amazing, and I want to say thank you for the powerful reminder that I have a social responsibility that is far more imminent than my sheltered sphere of personal desires and “needs”.

    You’ve made a difference ~ not just for those in need, but as a gentle reminder for those of us fortunate enough to be able to share.


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  13. I’ve been lurking and following your journeys since day one. You’re inspiring to say the least, if not a little crazy! I only hope that you both “keep on keepin’ on”, and continue to inspire all that you come in contact with.

    I go grocery shopping, and I just want to cry when I see people have to put GOOD food back at the register because they can’t afford it all. It irks me to no end that we are the ONLY country in the world that has an obesity problem in our poor/needy, and the rich stay skinny (obviously because the inexpensive, more afforable food is so highly processed).

    I can’t tell you how many people I’ve helped out at the register – it is never much, just $10 or $15 bucks usually. We don’t have a ton to give here, but I don’t like to donate to big organizations that don’t serve my community the way I think we need to be served. I like to help my local food pantry, my local Love Inc with other donations as well, and to help out people I meet. I’m very blessed – my mother taught me early on frugality is key to running a socially conscious household. I’m able to sale-shop and coupon not only to my family’s advantage, but to also help my parents, my neighbors, and my food pantry. I never know if someday, my husband and I might need help. I’d rather spread the good around than keep it all to myself.

    Our local charity, Love Inc, also benefits from donations from used clothing and shoes for another reason – they can recycle clothing and shoes too far gone to be used! They are able to make money from this as well as the donations of clothing, shoes, and other home goods to sell in their thrift store.

    Awareness of programs that can help families get the food they need, such as Angel Food Ministries or SHARE are essential as well – I know for $18-$20, you can get a wonderful grocery assortment at Share, including fruits and veggies. You guys do such a wonderful job, I only hope that the book you are working on blesses many, many people, and inspires them to “pass it on” as well.

    Merry Christmas!

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