Kerri mic level is adjusted by an Inside Edition sound tech.

Kerri has her mic level adjusted by an Inside Edition sound tech.

Right now I’m typing while a crew from the CBS series INSIDE EDITION films us for a show about the project. This whole part of the experiment has proven to be an unexpected extension of our original purpose; to learn.

We never expected to get any coverage for this in the press, but since the article in the New York Times came out we have been contacted by the Oprah Winfrey show, People Magazine, and a whole host of other media organizations.

We sometimes feel a tad overwhelmed by this development, especially since we’re still working full time and living our normal lives, but if this helps carry the conversation about poverty and healthy eating into the homes of complete strangers then it will have been worth it.

We’re going to prepare a meal now, but we’ll keep you posted when the episode airs.

– Christopher



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4 responses to “Filming for INSIDE EDITION.

  1. Hi,

    Fun to see you two on tv, though I don’t think they explained your project as well as they could have.
    Glad you are eating healthy now, wish everyone could.


  2. Lauren


    The Inside Edition clip was…interesting. I guess I’m not surprised to see that they spun your story to fit their personal agenda. Of course they would want a story about saving money or weight loss more than a story about raising poverty awareness. I was also a little sad to see how short it was. I was expecting something more when they were done with it. Like a little peek at that angry interviewer! All in all, it was still fun to watch.


  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and I wanted to say congratulations. Wonderfully written blog and it’s for a good cause. Poverty and health in America go hand in hand and I am proud to see people voice their opinion on it. I started my own website about 3 months ago called and the purpose behind it is to raise awareness about heart health, obesity, and ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Check it out sometime, we should link to each other considering we are both in it for the good cause. Get in touch I would love to collaborate.


    Jacob Nojoumi

  4. Thank you for what you did but it sad that the person who interview did not do a good job. It seem like the true even in your face will like to be cover up.

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