As seen in The Coast News.

coastnewsclipFor those who have been following along since September, you’ll remember that one night we had our friend Dave over for dinner. We ate less that day to make sure we could feed him from our daily share of food. Dave then wrote an article which was denied by his editor at City Beat; it was supposedly “irrelevant”. I mentioned this once before, but feel it’s worth repeating in order to bring new readers up to speed.

About a month later Dave found a different home for his article about the One Dollar Diet Project. Our local community newspaper, The Coast News, was interested in running an alternate version of the article; that version came out today, and you can read it here.

The article is pretty good and offers some information that hasn’t been mentioned before. While I don’t remember saying, “most of the world eats on less than a dollar a day,” and figure I can blame “the media”; if I did say this, I must have been tired and not communicating well. For the record, about 15 percent of the global population, or one billion people, live on that amount. 

Enjoy the article, and keep checking back for updates!

– Christopher



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2 responses to “As seen in The Coast News.

  1. Clay

    I took this from the article above “about 15 percent of the global population, or one billion people, live on that amount. ” The two of you, like most westerners do not stop to think that $1.00 a day in most third world countries is equivalent to roughly the same amount of money a lot of americans are paid for 1 days work . A good example is the philippines peso. $1.00 usd = $50.00 php and in other countries the exchange is twice as much or more. That always amazes me. people go on an on about the poor people of 3rd world countries working or eating on $1 , $2 or $3 dollars per day and they dont even realize that a lot of those people are living as good or better than a lot of people here in the states.
    Living on $1 or $2 dollars a day is nothing new, I, like most other lower income families have been doing this most of our lives. I no longer have the need to budget my money to eat but still find that at times my wife, my son and I only spend $10.00 to $15.00 per week for food.

  2. Sarah

    Please, punctuation goes “inside the quotes,” high school teachers!

    Great project! I may try it myself. Living on 6 figures in San Diego or the Bay Area isn’t easy.

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