TV and the Radio Star.


Kerri puckers up in St. Louis.

Kerri puckers up in St. Louis.

Braving the rain and cold in St. Louis this past weekend was more than worth it. Not only did my students have a great time at the Fall National Journalism Convention and take third place in Best of Show for their website, Kerri and I did our first live television interview at an affiliate station of the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC). We were on a show with Nancy Wilson, who asked questions relating to the project and the economics of eating well. Once we get video footage we’ll post it here.

Afterwards we started hearing from people all over Canada about (aboot) the project. Guy Alaimo, who is an Applied Communication student at Camosun College in British Columbia, did an interview with me for their college radio station The Village 900. You can listen to the interview here.

As a result of these two interviews, we have received a few more donations, and as such have decided to wait until the end of November before handing the check over to the Community Resource Center

In addition to the media stuff we’ve been doing, we have also figured out how this project will continue and will keep you posted as we get moving. For now, enjoy the interview!



(Still maintaining my weight after losing 14 pounds in September)

*NOTE: If you’re new to this site and want to start reading at the beginning you’ll have to click “older entries” and start from “Day One” otherwise you’ll be reading in reverse; which could be interesting too.



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3 responses to “TV and the Radio Star.

  1. St. Louis was awesome! Zac Efron should try eating on one doller a day. Hahah. That might make my day. I suppose he might whine like a little girl.

    Yay MavLife.

    check out

  2. krn

    I’m enjoying reading in reverse, but then, some of us have been known to live life a little backwards. 🙂 I was retired in my twenties and am now a college student (for the second time) in midlife, so maybe that explains a lot. I’m game for trying a modified version of this for a month, $2.00 a day would still be a great savings and a fun challenge. I’ll try your recipes, the Indian dish looks very tasty at least for a day or two, anyhow.

  3. Katy G.

    I’m sorry to say that St. Louis didn’t pick up on this and do an interview with you while you were here. This area is so wasteful and negligent of their working poor. Eager to align our family with better food spending practices (and now that our WIC food is running out) I searched for the basic ingredients you all used in your experiment. Do you know that the only bulk store (not the one you guys used, but their competitor) in the area that carries dried pinto beans is more than 50 miles away from me?
    Not coincidentally, I’m sure, there are 6 major-chain fast food restaurants within 2 miles of my home.
    Just proves the overall attitude in this area and especially how those who are working poor can barely feed themselves.

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