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October First

One of our favorite restaurants. If you are in the San Diego area, check it out!

One of our favorite restaurants. If you are in the San Diego area, check it out!

As we got into bed last night, I was sure to remind Christopher that we only had nine hours until we could eat whatever we wanted. I had a rough time falling asleep. Yesterday I stopped at a grocery store to get some food items for our lunches today. When I walked in, I was overwhelmed. I was only getting two things, strawberries and tofurkey for our sandwiches, but I spent at least twenty minutes in the store wandering up and down the aisle thinking about everything I could buy. I think I annoyed Christopher. I called him at least twice to have him talk me out of unnecessary purchases. I was able to walk out with only what I came for, but it was not easy.

When I got home, it was only to hear Christopher scheming for our next adventure. However, I was a bit of a naysayer and I rejected several of his ideas. I pleaded with him to just let us live our normal lives.

This morning we both had a difficult time getting out of bed, but it was a treat to have vegan donuts (with chocolate frosting and custard filling… brought to us from friends who had visited Ronald’s Bakery in Las Vegas). I thought I might cry as I took a bite of this three day old treat that had been waiting patiently for this day to come. Prior to this I don’t know that I would have eaten a donut that was as old or melty as this one was, however, today no one could have stopped me. As a result of breakfast, both of us had headaches and stomachaches this morning.

I am glad we are done. Christopher lost about 13-14 pounds;I can tell when I hug him. I lost about 5 1/2, which is plenty. I actually punched a new hole in my only belt yesterday… of course my pair of previously too snug jeans fit for now. Our families are happy too. We went out to dinner with Christopher’s mom who was thrilled to treat us. You will see below that today we were perhaps a little overexcited about our options for food. It was a shock to see our totals. I recalculated several times to make sure I was correct.

Of course, I did get a little annoyed at dinner when I found out that Christopher had two students bring him three batches of cookies today and he shared them with his students instead of me. I guess he learned nothing from the Great Cookie War… I was right and he has agreed, but I still did not get those cookies.


PS. Costs today are estimated. We did not measure.

Daily Totals:

Breakfast: 1 vegan custard filled chocolate frosted Donut – $0.75, Fresh squeezed orange juice – $0.54 (three oranges used, Christopher only), 1 chocolate bar donut – $0.50 (Christopher only)

Snack: Medium toffee nut soy latte, decaf- $3.50 (Kerri only)

Lunch: 1 soy turkey sandwich – $1.65 (1/3 pkg. soy turkey – $1.00, homemade bread – $0.20, approx 1 Tbsp vegan mayo – $0.25, yellow mustard – $0.10), Organic Strawberries – $1.50

Dinner: Shared appetizers- $2.50 ( Summer Rollz and barbeque mock chicken), Entrees -$7.95 (Kerri had Pad Thai with mock chicken, Christopher had Curried mock chicken with rice, potatoes and broccoli… we only ate half, the rest will be in our lunches tomorrow), Taro root Slushie with boba – $4.00 (Christopher only), Passion Fruit Iced tea – $3.00 (Kerri only)

Christopher Total: $19.39

Kerri Total: $20.85

Donation Total: $1032


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