Day Twenty Nine

This yellow dot is smiling because we are almost done!

This yellow dot is smiling because we are almost done!

When Christopher and I first started talking about trying to do this, we did not talk about blogging. That idea came later. I was nervous about that aspect the project. I hadn’t though much about telling people about it; it was just something we were going to do. One day at the grocery store, Christopher told our favorite checker about our plans. When we left the store I scolded him for telling someone. If I remember correctly, my actual words were, “Stop telling people about it. We are weird enough as it is.”

What started as a discussion between Christopher and myself over how much we spend on groceries has turned into a conversation with a wide range of people joining in and the issues are bigger than our weekly shopping.

I had interesting conversations in August with friends and family who were interested, but they were skeptical about whether or not we could do it. Some (our parents included) were concerned about our health. Questions about what we are doing always lead into discussion about issues such as poverty, consumption, and waste. Our friends and family have shared this with their friends and family. Then total strangers started reading.

I won’t claim to have answers or an insight into how to address all of the food related problems (or the other issues associated or steming from food). My hope is that through our month we have made people think about the day to day struggles people all over the world have to face just to eat.

I realize that there are many different scenarios for what poverty looks like and our project does not fit all of them. That would have been impossible to do. There were nights that I went to bed hungry and days where I looked at my lunch and thought, “Really? That’s it?” But I can’t say that I have now have been through everybody’s experiences. But, I do feel that I have learned from this.

Despite the fact that I cannot wait for something new to eat on Wednesday, I know that some of our eating habits will change. We both love waking up to fresh baked bread and coming home after school to the smell of our refried beans simmering in the crockpot (I still love beans and rice). Tomorrow will be hard, but unlike millions, I will go to bed on Tuesday night knowing that when I wake up I can have whatever I want for breakfast. I promise it won’t be oatmeal… not for a long time.

Thanks for reading,


Daily Totals:

Breakfast: 1 Slice of toast w/ Peanut Butter – $0.15, Tang – $0.07 (Christopher – 1 Cup), $0.04 (Kerri – 1/2 Cup)

Lunch: 1/2 PB&J sandwich – $0.15, 1/2 orange – $0.09

Dinner: Salad – $0.11 (1/4 carrot – $0.03, 1/6 heart of romaine – $0.08), 2 TBSP dressing – $0.06, Polenta – $0.09, 1/2 can diced tomatoes – $0.25

Dessert: 1/2 peanut butter cookie – $0.03

Christopher Total: $1.00

Kerri Total: $1.00

Donation Total: $787


NOTE: If you think what we’re doing is interesting, inspiring, or just plain nutty, consider SPONSORING our efforts. Simply enter in an amount, click “update total” and follow the prompting. If you don’t have PayPal, it will let you use a credit card. At the end of the of the month all proceeds will go to the Community Resource Center (here in Encinitas, CA). We will post evidence of donations at the end.



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8 responses to “Day Twenty Nine

  1. I am impressed that you guys have made it thus far. I know that I could never survive a month like this– I’m insulin resistant and the sheer volume of carbs would probably push me over the edge into diabetes.

    I wonder how I would find the energy to do things like coach soccer and walk the dogs. Reading your blog this month has brought home to me that with the luxury of being able to eat lower carb, I am also enjoying the secondary benefits of feeling healthy and energetic.

    I am curious if you have run your meals through any nutritional calculators to see how they stacked up?

  2. Congratulations, almost there.
    I’ve been talking to my friends about what you do, and realizing how easy we have it to be able to eat so well everyday. I know how I feel when I don’t have my good meal and daily espresso.

    Please blog for a few more days afterwards, let us know how going back to normal eating habits is, physically and all.


  3. mandy

    I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and am completely impressed with your will power! I personally struggle with cystic acne that I decided to heal naturally through diet and good nutrition. For part of last year, I did my best to stick to a strict diet that did not include sugar (except fruits and agave nectar and stevia), yeast, or anything fermented. It was challenging and there were many days where a small part of my meal included something I should not eat, but I feel fortunate that I had the money and resources to eat the more expensive foods specific to my diet. I can sympathize with not being able to socialize, simply because you can’t eat or drink what everyone else is. It is amazing to me how much our culture revolves around food, especially when so many people have so little food available to them. I am really glad you posted your thoughts, trials, and reflections for others to read and consider.
    Enjoy your first meal tomorrow! Looking forward to hearing about it!


  4. Lisa

    Found you through the NY Times…

    “Stop telling people about it. We are weird enough as it is.”

    I love this! I want to know what else you guys are up to, it’s great!

  5. Som

    So, I stumbled upon you guys when I was surfing during lunch. Needless to say, I couldn’t get myself to eat more than half of what was packed.

  6. I’m starving to death just reading this. Are you two unnaturally skinny?

  7. Cathy S.

    Your journey has really opened your horizons on this very complicated problem.

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