Day Twenty

Homemade broccoli potato soup with the spot.

Homemade broccoli potato soup hits the spot.

Ten days left.

Call me sentimental, but I think I’m going to miss this experiment once it’s over. I’ve grown accustomed to eating small portions, to counting and calculating every ingredient, and to measuring and weighing everything. The daily realizations I come to, and the conversations I have with people continue to stretch my understanding.

Yet, at the same time, I will be glad to start exercising, to start eating a more balanced diet, and to stretch this way of living into areas that are not possible on such a rigid budget. I’m excited to start living from a pantry of raw materials instead of cupboards of prepackaged food, and I look forward to keeping things like high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils out of my system all together.

Eating on a dollar a day once seemed impossible, now it seems ordinary. To think that we typically spent $150 a week on food is difficult to understand at this point. I guess we bought a lot of high ticket items like frozen rolled tacos, and soy dairy products, but even those aren’t that expensive compared to many of the foods sold in conventional grocery stores.

I guess what it comes down to is really making a commitment to eating wholesome unprocessed foods, eating smaller portions, buying in bulk, and putting some thought into menu planning. It seems easy enough, but until now we hadn’t committed to it.

As we move into the final leg of this quest, I look forward to more daily epiphanies, your comments, and your generosity. Until now we haven’t had any type of goal concerning fundraising (as it was somewhat of an afterthought), but I’d like to see if we can round out our final donation to the Community Resource Center at $1000. So if you’re reading, consider helping us meet that goal.

Another day, another dollar,


Daily Totals:

Breakfast: Oatmeal – $0.05 (less than a cup cooked), 1 TBSP Maple Syrup – $0.04 (Kerri only)

Lunch: 1/2 Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich – $0.16 (Christopher only), 1 Orange – $0.18

Snack: 3 Tortilla Chips w/ Guacamole – FREE (Kerri only – Foraged from grocery store)

Dinner: 1 Bowl of Broccoli Potato Soup – $0.27, Salad – $0.15 (1/4 carrot – $0.03, 1/6 heart of romaine – $0.08, TBSP Garbanzo beans-$0.04), 1.5 TBSP dressing – $0.05, 1 Slice of Homemade French Bread – $0.10

Desert: 1 Peanut Butter Cookie – $0.06 (Kerri only), Tbsp peanut butter – $0.05 (Kerri only)

Christopher Total: $0.96

Kerri Total: $0.95

Donation Total: $652


NOTE: If you think what we’re doing is interesting, inspiring, or just plain nutty, consider SPONSORING our efforts. Simply enter in an amount, click “update total” and follow the prompting. If you don’t have PayPal, it will let you use a credit card. At the end of the of the month all proceeds will go to the Community Resource Center (here in Encinitas, CA). We will post evidence of donations at the end.



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5 responses to “Day Twenty

  1. lynda holeva

    Hi Guys,

    Hope you are still visible when you get down to your last day. I really appreciate what you’ve been able to take from this experiment, but man- these were lessons learned the hard way!
    Love, xoxoxo

  2. LB

    Any chance you’d post some of your soup recipes? They look great! What an interesting project – thanks for sharing it.

  3. Tam

    Wow, $150 a week for two. While we are by no means impovershed, we don’t even spend that on a family of 7 (although, admittedly, we probably would, and more, if we could)!! I can see how hard this would be compared to previous experience.
    Anyway, congrats on making it this far and committing to learning in a very real way at least a small bit of what it might be like to live like most of the world has to. We’re really impressed.

  4. Lynne

    Hi Christopher and Kerri,

    I have been following this journey from day 1 and it has made me think much more deeply about cost, consumption, waste, excess and many other topics. Thanks for stretching me and for your commitment. You taught me so much at residency, Christopher, and I’m not surprised that I’m continuing to learn from you.

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