Day Fifteen

Check out this movie.

Check out this movie.

We have corn in our hair…and so do you.

I used to always say I did not know how to cook. I think it was really that I did not bother trying. When I was in college, my roommates and I each had a few meals we each would cook and share, but we also ate out quite a bit. It was just easier and it seemed like it was cheaper to just run through a drive-thru on the way home from school or work. Of course, I did not realize that there is corn in almost everything you can get at a fast food restaurant.

When I became vegan four years ago, I started experimenting with cooking. I used spices and ingredients that I never before would have thought to use ( I had never used curry powder). It opened up a whole new world of delicious flavors. Now I think I am a pretty good cook; Christopher would agree. I even enjoy cooking. I love to have people over and amaze them with my magical culinary skills.

In terms of style, I prepare food like my great aunt Lily ( who is the best chef I know). Like she does, I tend to use recipes as more of a guideline than something I must follow perfectly. While Christopher will carefully check the amount of every ingredient, I am more likely to say, “that looks close enough.” I have been forced to change this month.

In order to make sure we are sticking to our daily costs, I am having to measure everything. On a typical evening one of us will be cooking while the other is at the computer calculating the cost. Frequently we are asking exactly how much flour we can use or how many portions we can divide our food into to make it cost effective (the corn meal polenta is a good deal). I almost wish I had Mrs. Weasly around to make my food multiply (however, one of the magical exceptions is that you cannot create food out of nothing). Now that we are cooking with whole ingredients for the most part we know how much corn we are eating.

Today was the first day that I had produce in my lunch ( and thankfully no PB&J). We each had half of a carrot and half of an orange. It does not sound like much, but it re-energized me for the rest of this challenge. Of course, I might be orange by the end. We are also planning to have a friend over for dinner on Thursday. He will get to indulge in our new exciting dishes and it will be interesting to see how much we will be able to afford to feed him.

On a totally separate note, while Christopher has lost about eight pounds, I have only lost two and a half ( so you can stop worrying, Mom). I am 5’2,” a foot shorter than Christopher, and I have a feeling that I require fewer calories than he does to maintain my weight. In addition, I have stopped riding my bike to work so that I won’t burn more than I eat.

Wishing I had enough change left for a cookie,


P.S. While I was writing this we watched the documentary King Corn. Check it out.

Daily Totals:

Breakfast: Oatmeal – $0.04 (3/4 cup cooked), 8 fluid oz Tang – $0.07, 1 tbsp peanut butter $0.05 (Christopher only)

Lunch: 1bean and rice burrito $0.15 (beans – $0.04, rice – $0.06, Tortilla – $0.05), 1/2 carrot -$0.06, 1/2 orange $0.09

Dinner: Salad – $0.19 (1/4 carrot – $0.03, cherry tomatoes from garden – $0.04, 1/4 heart of romaine – $0.12), 1tbsp dressing – $0.18, Polenta – $0.09, Marinara Sauce – $0 .13

Christopher Total: $1.05

Kerri Total: $1.00

Donation Total: $545


NOTE: If you think what we’re doing is interesting, inspiring, or just plain nutty, consider SPONSORING our efforts. Simply enter in an amount, click “update total” and follow the prompting. If you don’t have PayPal, it will let you use a credit card. At the end of the of the month all proceeds will go to the Community Resource Center (here in Encinitas, CA). We will post evidence of donations at the end.




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3 responses to “Day Fifteen

  1. Great job and you are half way there!

  2. As a volunteer coordinator for for several environmental and social justice causes here in Arkansas, I was a speaker for the film King Corn at a Film Festival on Earth Day. Though I was fairly educated on the subject I was surprised to know about the chemicals in corn syrup and how much corn is grown to feed livestock. We are very careful not to eat corn syrup and rarely eat meat as a way of voting with our dollars. Keep up the good work.

  3. “I am 5′2,” a foot shorter than Christopher, and I have a feeling that I require fewer calories than he does to maintain my weight.”

    FYI, there’s no need to follow intuition on this. You can easily do the math to determine the amount of calories your body needs to maintain your current weight and then calculate the amount of calories you would need to eat to achieve a certain weight loss.

    BMR = 655 + ( 4.35 x weight in pounds ) + ( 4.7 x height in inches ) – ( 4.7 x age in years )

    BMR = 66 + ( 6.23 x weight in pounds ) + ( 12.7 x height in inches ) – ( 6.8 x age in year )

    Daily Required Calories = (BMR*7) – (Desired Weight Loss per week*3500) /7

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